Food for Thought on Texas Issues


After this pandemic experience is finally over, each one of us will have a story to tell. As a collective society, and as individuals, we have all witnessed how a singular, destructive force changed our world forever—in good ways and in bad.

Professionally, I witnessed how Covid-19 will impact (and help solve) some of our nation’s pre-pandemic health care issues.

Back in mid-March, when we were on the fringes of understanding just how this virus would impact our health and our economy, I thought of my healthcare clients. I thought of how they would likely be stymied and overwhelmed by what was about to befall their industry. But a few conference calls later, I quickly saw how a combination of technology and perseverance would overcome the challenge ahead. The types of clients I have in the healthcare field spans the category: from family-owned, in-home therapy providers to large-scale hospital systems. They have all been acutely impacted by Covid-19. As the pandemic raged on and the realities of stalled services intensified, each one of my clients turned to...